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More than                    children are living in foster care in New England.


Our vision is that one day ZERO children in the New England foster care system are waiting for a safe and supported family to care for them. Ideally, that family is the child's family of origin through safe and timely reunification (or preservation on the front end). In the meantime, there’s an URGENT need for more equipped and prepared foster families. Opening our hearts and homes to foster may not make sense for some, but many of us allow misconceptions, inconvenience, or fear to keep us from engaging. TOGETHER, we can flip the script so there are more families prepared than children waiting for a safe and temporary home.


We can make a difference. 



1.Become a FOSTER Parent.

If just one or two people or families in each church commit to foster, there would be more than enough families to meet the need. 

Learn about becoming a foster or adoptive parent at one of our upcoming information events...


Virtual Foster Care Information Session

Thursday, May 30th | 7-8:30 pm

Join us for this no-obligation online event to learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

Find more info & registration here.

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Faith & Foster Care Seminar

Saturday, June 8th | 9 am - 12 pm

Join us in Winthrop, MA to learn about needs of the foster care community and how you and your church can make a meaningful difference.

Learn more & register here.

If you can't join us for an upcoming event, click on your state to learn more about becoming a foster parent where you live...

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Email us with questionsWe would love to talk.


Not everyone CAN or SHOULD foster or adopt. We get it! BUT many of those who can't provide direct care COULD support & encourage those who do... or even others in the foster care community. There are many organized or organic ways to support foster and adoptive families, bio families, youth in foster care and those at risk of aging out.

If you are interested in engaging your church in organized wrap around support of adoptive & foster families or would like to talk about ways you can support youth and families, please reach out!

3.Listen & Learn.

Interested in fostering someday but you can't right now? There are so many ways that you can begin to prepare to engage well now! TALK with current families about their experience. READ about how trauma experiences can impact children. LISTEN to podcasts sharing perspectives of adoptees, bio families, youth from foster histories, child welfare professionals and other important voices in the foster care community. Download our list of recommended books and resources to continue your learning.


May is National Foster Care Month. Each year we create a resource to help guide churches as they create awareness around the needs of the foster care community, cast vision for how the church can make a difference and provide ways for the church community to engage. Send us an email and we will send you the free PDF!


You can help provide safe & well-supported families for children impacted by foster care. Your generosity...

  • raises up new foster and adoptive families

  • supports bio, kinship foster and adoptive families

  • equips caregivers and many others with evidence-based, high-level trauma-informed training

  • engages volunteers in service and support to the foster care community

EVERYONEcan do SOMETHINGmeaningful
to make a difference in the lives of
children and families
impacted by foster care. 

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