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Happy Children

A Safe and Supported Family for Every Child


Fostering Hope empowers churches and individuals to care for children and families impacted by foster care. 


Our vision is the dream of a day when ZERO children in foster care are waiting for a safe and supported family to care for them. We call this Project ZERO. 


Ideally, as often as possible, the safe and supported family turns out to be the child’s family of origin through family preservation or reunification. God’s heart is for biological families to be together as often as possible and so is ours! 


In the meantime, however, there is an urgent need for more foster families willing to care for children in foster care until they can safely return home. Sadly, reunification is not always possible. In those circumstances, children need someone willing to permanently adopt them into their family.


Currently, there is a chronic shortage of such families. The result? Too many youth in the system waiting for a family... too many kids bouncing from home to home... too many kids living in group homes... and too many kids aging out of the system with no stable family. 


The good news? Together, we can make a difference! Together we can FLIP the SCRIPT so that instead of children waiting for safe and supported foster or adoptive families, safe and supported foster and adoptive families are the ones waiting for a child who needs them!

leT's flip the script







Individual Churches

Individual Churches


Fostering Hope serves as a trusted partner to guide churches into sustainable service to the foster care community. We have developed an effective model that can be adopted and sustained by most churches. In fact, the model is intentionally designed with flexibility to ensure it can adapt to the unique culture, size and context of any church!

Church Networks

Church Networks


As multiple churches in a geographic region commit to this vision within their own context, we invite them into a regional Fostering Hope Church Network for shared encouragement, shared learning, and shared service. Our networks organize around local child welfare offices to enable churches to focus on meaningful service within their own communities. Networks serve as a powerful catalyst for greater collaboration and impact. 



We encourage and empower individuals to serve the foster care community in a way that aligns with their current gifting and capacity. For some, that means caring for children in their homes as a foster or adoptive parent. But not everyone is able to serve in that way and that's OK! Remember, not everyone is called to do the same thing, but we believe that everyone can do something to impact the foster care community in meaningful ways. Each person just has to “find their fit”.

Our staff team is responsible for the day-to-day execution of the vision of Fostering Hope. They serve as consultants, trainers, coaches and facilitators as we develop partnerships with churches and organizations to help care for children and families impacted by foster care.

Our board is comprised of passionate leaders deeply committed to seeing vulnerable children cared for and families supported. Members of our board bring diverse experiences and voices to inform

the vision and direction of Fostering Hope.

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