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A safe & supported family for every child in foster care.

Large-scale systemic issues leave more and more children involved with child welfare services. Many children are placed in state custody while their family of origin receives support with the goal of family reunification.


While in child welfare custody, children need a temporary foster family

willing to love and care for them.


Sometimes, when families can't be reunited, children need a permanent adoptive family willing to love and care for them.

Tragically, there is a shortage of such families throughout New England.


At Fostering Hope, we believe this is socially irresponsible,

unjust and fails to reflect God's heart. 


Simply put, it's just not right. 


In fact, ZERO children should be waiting for a safe, supported family. 

That's why our vision is to help flip this script so that instead of children waiting for safe & supported foster or adoptive families, safe & supported foster or adoptive families are the ones waiting for a child who needs them. 





This vision is BIg…generational in scope.

together, we can do it! 

We invite you to JOIN US

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