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Caring for vulnerable children and families impacted by foster care is one of the most rewarding AND one of the most difficult paths a person will ever travel!

One of the most meaningful ways that churches can serve children impacted by foster care is by providing foster families with the kind of tangible support they so desperately need.


We call it Support ONE

Support ONE mobilizes the church to love and support foster and adoptive families through intentional relationships so that every family will thrive and every child will experience hope and healing.


Specifically, for every new foster/adoptive family raised up within a church, at least four individuals or families should be part of their dedicated support team. Support ONE team members commit to supporting their foster or adoptive family in a specific way that is proactive, consistent, and accountable.

Support ONE is a great opportunity to serve the foster care community,

particularly if someone has a burden to make a difference but is not able to be a foster parent. Best of all, the model simply organizes the kind of "one-another" body life that should characterize the Christian community anyway!

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